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Tips For Decorating Small Rooms

Friday, November 2nd 2012. | Home Decor

The secret of decoration in room with limited space is make the best of every inch available, without exaggerating.

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To not let the small room with an appearance that is even smaller, the secret is not much decor charged, enjoying every inch of correctly.

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The first step in decorating a small room is to measure the room and plan the size of the furniture. Remember that to have good circulation and more space, the amount of furniture should be minimal and the furniture must have the exact measurements of the space where they will be accommodated.

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The choice of colors makes all the difference in a small room. For the walls and carpets, the best bet is in light, neutral shades. In the case of objects, colors can be strong and detailed. But do not forget to decorate a small room requires moderation and exaggerations can compromise the visual environment.

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The mirrors and lighting are also very important for the decoration of a small room. If placed in a strategic location, the mirror gives the impression that the space is larger. Better still if the decor is complemented with lighting that brings a feeling of spaciousness and warmth.

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To decorate a small room, replace large sofas and spacious seating for smaller or beanbags and shelves for racks.

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To decorate a small kitchen, use tables topped with glass and mirrors to give more depth in space, the same tip goes for decorating a small dining room. The planned furniture, preferably white in color, lightness and give an appearance to the greater environment, so they are ideal for decorating small rooms.

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