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    Position Open


    Position Description



    School of Basic   Medical Sciences

    Biochemistry,   molecular/cell biology, pharmacology, or  related discipline.

      receptor based pharmacology, Research related to GPCR

    Jinpeng   Sun

    Pathology, oncology,   or related discipline.

    Tumor pathology

    Good experience  of   molecular/cell biology.

    Peng   Gao

    Cardiovasculogy, internal   medicine, physiology, pharmacology, or related discipline.

    Vascular biology,   Molecular mechanism of CVD, Cardiovascular pharmacology

    Good experience  of   molecular/cell biology.

    Fan   Jiang

    Urinary     surgery, pathology, oncology, molecular/cell biology, or related discipline.

    Molecular pathology   type, Research on progression, molecular mechanism metastasis and clinical   transformation of tumor

    Good experience of molecular/cell biology.

    Weiwen   Chen

    Molecular biology,   immunology, oncology, cell biology,   or related discipline.

    Immune   microenvironment and tumor;

    Immunological   pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases

    Good experience   of molecular/cell biology and   immunology.

    Lihui   Han

    Immunology or biology related   discipline.

    Microenvironment    and chronic liver diseases (the role of infection, metabolic or immunoregulatory abnormalities in chronic   hepatitis, fatty liver and liver cancer);  Research   on the cell development and gene expression regulation in liver; Innate   immune cells and liver-related diseases

    Good experience of  molecular biology/immunology and be familiar   with knockout mouse models.

    Chunhong   Ma

    Neural     development and regeneration, human anatomy, or related discipline

    Neural development and   brain-derived diseases

    Jinhao   Sun

    Basic medicine,   clinical medicine, preventive medicine, pharmacy, biology, or related discipline.

    Infection immunity and   malignant transformation of gastrointestinal area (intestinal cancer and   gastric cancer)

    Good experience of molecular/cell biology and be familiar with knockout mouse models.

    Jihui   Jia

    Medical science or   zoology, parasitology, molecular/cell biology, or related discipline.

    Human parasitology   (parasitology and parasitic disease control, especially molecular pathogenesis   and control of toxoplasma gondii, gene vaccine, or other   relevant   specialties)

    Good experience of molecular/cell biology and be familiar   with all kinds of animal models.

    Shenyi   He

    Medical sciences, biology   or related discipline

    Good experience of  molecular/cell biology.

    Lining   Zhang

    Molecular biology,   immunology, oncology, cell biology, pharmacology, kidney disease, or related discipline

    Pathogenesis and   intervention strategy of kidney diseases

    Good experience of molecular/cell biology, immunology and   animal model building.

    Yi   Fan

    School of Clinical Medicine

    Clinical medicine and biological   medicine

    Clinical medicine and   biological medicine

    Clinical applicants   should have clinical experience in hospitals

    Huang   Tao

    School of Public   Health

    Preventive medicine,   or related discipline

    Health microbiology, Occupational     health and occupational diseases, Environmental health or   environmental  science, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Maternal and child health,   Toxicology, Laboratory science of public health, Social medicine and health management

    Wang   Qing

    School of   Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Medicinal Chemistry,   Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products, Chemical Biology, Microbial and   Biochemical

    Pharmacy,   Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Immunology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical   Analysis,   Pharmacognosy, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical   Engineering; Medicine, Chemistry, Biology and related fields;

    Design, synthesis, and   bioactivity of new drugs; Organic synthesis; Discovery and   mode of   action of bioactive natural products; Biosynthesis of natural products;   Carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology; Chemical biology; Biotechnological pharmaceutics;   Research on pharmaceutics and drug delivery systems; Molecular     pharmacology and Immunopharmacology; Clinical pharmacy and pharmacokinetics; Pharmaceutical   analysis; Quality control study in pharmaceutical production process;   Pharmacognosy;

    Published at least two   SCI or EI paper as first author. (or one research article with IF more than   3.0)

    Wang Zhen

    School of Stomatology

    Medical science,   material  science

    Clinical science of   stomatology,  Regenerative medicine, Molecular / cellular biology,   Biomaterials

    Good experience of molecular and cellular biology.

    Wen Yong

    School of nursing

    Nursing, Clinical   medicine, Public health, Psychology

    Nursing, Health policy   and management, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Medical sociology, Psychology or   related majors. (Priority is given to non-nursing majors.)

    Cao Yuan

    School of Health Care   Management

    Social medicine and   health management, economics, public management, pharmaceutical economics,   public health and preventive medicine

    Public health, health   economics, health management, pharmaceutical management

    Good  training on health system and policy   research, with abilities research health policy, health economics research   independently.

    Liu Bo

    The Second Hospital of   Shandong University

    Breast Surgery,   Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Hematologic Diseases,

    Neurology,   Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

    Qi   Lili

    Center for   Reproductive Medicine

    Developmental biology,   reproductive biology, molecular / cell biology, reproductive medicine and   other related professional.

    Study   on gamete/embryo development mechanism. Research on the pathogenesis of major   diseases of reproduction. Research on human assisted reproductive technology   innovation and safety.

    Other   related research.

    Please send a cover   letter, (resume, published papers, scientific research experience,   experimental technical expertise, etc.), two referees contact information   sent to the contact email address, apply for "postdoctoral" email   subject.

    Nie   Hongwei




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